We are committed to 100% renewable power

RE100 is the global corporate renewable energy initiative bringing together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

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RE100 is a global initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

Led by the Climate Group and in partnership with CDP, our mission is to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale. 


Markets worldwide

Our members have global operations and span sectors from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to fashion and technology.

Together they send a powerful signal to markets and governments about the demand for renewable electricity.



RE100 member companies are already driving enough renewable electricity demand to power a medium sized country. 

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More and more companies are becoming RE100 members. Join us in leading the way to a clean energy future.

RE100 is led by international non-profit the Climate Group in partnership with CDP.

The Climate Group


The Climate Group drives climate action at speed, by bringing together large and influential networks of organisations committed to ambitious pledges.



CDP is a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system, driving insight and action on climate, forests and water.  

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If you've got any questions about RE100, we'd love to hear from you. 

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