RE100 has been present in Australia since our October 2018 launch event, when we brought together Fujitsu, Mars, Inc. and Unilever to share the business case for renewable electricity and to highlight the opportunity for Australian companies.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia was the first Australian company to make the RE100 pledge, signing a power purchase agreement for energy from the largest wind farm in New South Wales.

Since then, thanks to our partnership with the author and sustainability expert Jon Dee, other leading Australian companies have also joined RE100, and the membership continues to grow.

Australia’s lack of clear energy policy direction has led to inflated costs and a reliance on coal, but forward-thinking companies are committing to 100% renewable power to stay competitive in the long-term.

By joining RE100, they are sending a powerful market signal that business wants better access to clean energy.

For more information on our work in Australia, contact Jon Dee from the DoSomething Foundation.