Elion Resources Group

Elion is one of China’s top 100 private enterprises that puts managing natural sources at the heart of its business model.


Elion has committed to go 100% renewable by 2030 as part of the company’s focus on a range of clean energy technologies.

Elion has been involved in eco-restoration for almost three decades, transforming deserts into green spaces through afforestation and sand erosion prevention projects. The company is particularly focused on the Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia and other ecologically fragile regions along the Silk Road Economy Belt in China.

Managing natural resources also extends to power generation. Elion is focused on developing its own solar energy, biomass and biogas energy projects and is exploring developing large-scale solar parks in the desert as well as on-site solar power projects.  


Elion currently has a 110 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) installation in the Kubuqi desert. The company directly consumes the power that is generated from this project. Excess electricity is also sold via the grid.

The company is planning a large-scale 5 gigawatt (GW) PV project.


  • US$0.15 billion (920,000,000RMB) has been invested in the 110MW solar park project
  • US$6.4 billion (40,000,000,000RMB) will be invested in the 5 GW solar PV project


  • Approximately 27% of power is sourced from renewable sources
  • Working with the United Nations Environment Program and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification to address desertification at the same time as identifying opportunities for renewable energy development
  • First Chinese company to join RE100


  • Renewable energy is an economical, efficient and socially responsible way to source power and have a positive influence on the broader business community
  • Offering local communities a choice of cleaner energy is an important function of the company’s clean energy activities