Formula E

FIA Formula E is the first electric single-seater championship, showcasing that electric vehicles can be fast, fun and safe.  Its cars run on 100% renewable power. The success of the championship is helping to change the image of electric vehicles and demonstrate that they are the vehicles of the future.


Formula E is developing a strategy to enable all of its races and operations to be powered by 100% renewable energy.


During the first year of the championship, Formula E powered its electric race cars with renewable electricity using an innovative zero emission fuel glycerin to run a generator. The new technology is called ‘Aquafuel’.

The generators are based on standard production diesel engines that have been adapted with Aquafuel’s patented technology to run on glycerine. The fuel itself is a by-product of the bio-diesel productions process.

Additional electricity requirements for light, heating and cooling at the races were supplied through local grids and additional onsite generators.

Formula E has gained significant experience of the use of Aquafuel in its first year and plans to investigate how it can source even more of its power requirements from renewable sources next year.

From season two, Formula E will operate as an 'open championship', allowing teams and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their own electrical energy innovations.


  • Improving the image of EVs
  • Demonstrating the feasibility of new renewable power technologies
  • Helping to create a vision for a clean energy future