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  • General Motors makes largest ever purchase of renewable energy

    General Motors has made its largest renewable energy purchase to date by signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for energy from a new wind farm in Texas. The automotive giant will purchase one third of the power produced by the wind farm – the equivalent electricity needed to power 16 of its US facilities.

    The PPA is for a 150 megawatt wind farm in development at Cactus Flats in Texas, by Renewable Energy Systems (RES), of which GM will purchase 50 megawatts. Expected to come online in the first half of 2018, the addition of this wind farm will mean that 6% of GM’s global electricity use will come from renewables.

    “GM’s commitment to renewable energy is helping transform the way electricity produced, distributed and consumed around the world, and we’re doing it in a way that makes our company and communities stronger,” said Rob Threlkeld, Global Manager of Renewable Energy.

    “These renewable energy investments drive down greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our dependence on finite resources, and help keep our air and water clean. Investing in Texas wind energy is an important step on a journey that will see clean, renewable sources account for 100% of GM’s global energy footprint by 2050.”

    This announcement comes just weeks after GM joined RE100, and publicly committed to powering its global operations with renewable energy by 2050. In addition to an anticipated 114 MW of wind power, GM hosts a total of 24 solar installations at its facilities around the world.

    Amy Davidsen, The Climate Group’s Executive Director, North America said: “It’s fantastic to see General Motors putting words into action so soon after their joining RE100. GM has already saved millions of dollars by using renewable energy – going 100% renewable makes business sense.”

    Read more on why GM has committed to take climate action in our exclusive interview with David Tulauskas, Director of Sustainability.