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RE100 Members' Forum

Seven years in, the RE100 Members’ Forum looks at how far the campaign has come—and where the journey to 100% renewable electricity is going next

24 September 2021, 13:25 UTC 3 min read

The RE100 Members’ Forum came together remotely at Climate Week NYC 2021 to discuss the significant strides the campaign continues to make as a force for clean and sustainable power. Hosted by Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100 at The Climate Group, the forum focused on the policy changes it seeks in different sectors and geographies around the world. Contributors from RE100’s Advisory Committee, campaign management and Climate Group India shared their thoughts on the attributes that are propelling the movement’s success.

The campaign to grow corporate sourcing of renewable electricity is making global headway

The appetite for change is real, noted Kimmins. The EU has increased from 32% to 40% renewable. There have been key developments in South Africa, South Korea and Australia. Japan is now the second-fastest growing member after the US. “A number of companies have achieved their target, and 66 companies reported achieving 90% or above of renewable electricity,” Kimmins said. “My advice is: Keep going. RE100 is a journey. We’re about creating change in the market.”

Large-scale demand for renewables is pushing policy change

Membership in RE100 has shot up over the last two years. As of this meeting, 330 companies with a combined revenue of $5.6 trillion have made the RE100 commitment to 100% renewable electricity. This represents 330 terawatt-hours per year of electricity demand—more than that of the UK. Moreover, members are sourcing renewables in 120 of 175 markets. Numbers like these are part of the reason RE100 is having such a positive effect on policy makers worldwide.

RE100’s six policy messages are making an impact globally and at the local level

To maximize the extraordinary advances RE100 has been making, its Advisory Committee made policy change a central focus over the past year. Working with the NGO community, the Advisory Committee developed a robust but customizable set of six global policy asks. This platform enabled members such as India and South Korea to make much-lauded progress by building more nuanced local policy messages applicable to their specific geographies. In discussing the six asks in more detail, Kimmins called them “the secret sauce that governments need to put in place to ensure renewables are available at a fair market price to corporates.”

RE100 India is driving real change in policy and technology/energy storage

While India’s regulatory landscape remains a key barrier to 100% renewable energy in the country, RE100 India drove impactful change in 2020 and 2021, said Climate Group’s Project Manager for Energy Transitions, Swati Madan. A cohort of 70-plus companies, RE100 India focused on two key values: policy and the energy storage chain. Their six India-specific policy asks, launched in June, define the measures needed to facilitate the uptake of corporate renewable electricity.

We’re taking stock—and taking action

Prior to an informative Q&A session, Senior Campaign Manager Oliver Wilson wrapped up with a rallying cry for urgent action. “With the IPCC report and the IEA report,” he said, “there is a real, urgent need to step up action.” Watch the video to see how you can get involved.