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Driving renewables in a time of change

This report looks at how RE100 members have progressed in reaching their 100% renewable electricity targets, and the challenges they have faced.

RE100 Annual Report 2022

Key findings:

  • The energy crisis of 2022 and policy responses to it demonstrated that renewable energy is needed now more than ever, but governments need to reduce barriers for corporate buyers.
  • Asian markets remain the most challenging, but strong corporate engagement means almost two thirds of new RE100 membership comes from within the region.
  • The average target year of the RE100 initiative for companies aspiring to 100% renewable energy has been pushed back, during a year marked by a mounting energy crisis and ongoing barriers to renewable energy procurement.
  • Despite these challenges, RE100 member companies now report consuming 49% renewable electricity in 2021, up from 45% in 2020, and 41% in 2019.