Increasing Ambition

We’re working with our members to bring forward their target dates for 100% renewable electricity, increasing global ambition on renewables.

The acceleration of the global transition to renewable electricity is central to RE100’s mission. Our goal is carbon free grids by 2040. We therefore ask RE100 members to show climate leadership and be more ambitious by bringing forward their RE100 target dates. In doing so, RE100 and its members are intensifying the corporate demand signal to policymakers for zero carbon grids.

Increasing Ambition - Social Cards Update 2023



To date, over 20 RE100 members have brought forward their targets by a combined total of over 280 years.


TWh per year

That's over 29 TWh per year switching to 100% renewable electricity sooner than initially planned. That’s greater than the annual electricity demand of Nigeria.

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Why are we doing this?

Climate science shows that we need to move faster. We’re encouraging both current and future members to increase their ambition, by setting a target year of 2040 or earlier – helping us to reach a cleaner, greener future sooner. Read RE100’s Accelerating market pressure statement to learn more.

Ambitious RE100 members and their new targets

Adobe – new target 2025 (learn more in this RE100 blog)

AmorePacific – new target 2025

Asahi – new target 2040

Barclays – new target 2025

Daiichi Sankyo – new target 2030

Daiwa House – new target 2024

DSM – new target 2030

FUJIFILM – new target 2040

Fujitsu – new target 2030

HPE – new target 2030

Hulic Group – new target 2024

Jola International – new target 2030

Merry – new target 2040

Mitsubishi Estate Company – new target 2026

NEC Corporation – new target 2040

Nikon Corporation – new target 2030

Nomura Research Institute – new target 2030

Novozymes – new target 2025

Rakuten – new target 2023

Ricoh Company, Ltd. – new target 2040

SKC – new target 2040

Sony – new target 2030 (learn more in this RE100 blog)

Tokyu Land Corporation – new target 2025

TSMC  – new target 2040 (learn more in this RE100 blog)

Wind turbines at sunset

Ambitious new joiners

We're also working with prospective new members to bring forward their target dates for 100% renewable electricity, asking them to increase their ambition in the recruitment process before finalising their membership. 

Through working closely together during the joining process, over 10 prospective new RE100 members recently showed ambition and brought forward their target dates.

That's over 6 TWh per year switching to 100% renewables sooner than initially mapped out by the RE100 team and the new joiners.

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RE100 brings together the world’s most influential companies, committed to 100% renewable power. Led by Climate Group, our mission is to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale. RE100 was established in partnership with CDP.

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