Policy Engagement

RE100 works to deliver power systems change in key geographies


RE100 Policy Work

Policy decisions and market design are often cited by our members as reasons why renewables are not as cost effective as conventional fossil fuels in certain countries. Through our policy work, we help our members advocate for change at a local level to influence policies that encourage the removal of barriers and enable corporate buyers to source 100% renewable electricity at a reasonable cost.

Working with governments and local partners across the world, RE100 and our members are engaging with local and national governments to accelerate the adoption of renewable electricity solutions.

We work with corporates and other relevant NGOs to understand the local policy environment.

In 2019, RE100 member demand for renewables represented an estimated $98 billion investment. Providing access to renewables, at prices that reflect global norms, is vital for markets seeking to benefit from the growing corporate investment opportunity.

RE100 members look to policymakers to enact policy measures that support corporate sourcing of renewable electricity and creates a competitive market for businesses to buy renewables.

RE100 Six Policy Asks

Our Six Policy Messages

Our six policy messages support corporate sourcing of renewable electricity globally, according to RE100 member companies.

Our Localised Policy Messages for the Korean market. Korean version.

Our Localised Policy Messages for the Indian market. Click here for information on these.

Policy meeting

Recent Policy Successes

  • South Korean businesses can now directly buy renewable electricity from providers, without needing to go through the country's utility company (KEPCO). RE100 and its members have championed a direct PPA system in meetings with government representatives.  
  • A whitepaper developed for South Korean policymakers has sped up electricity reforms in the country including in a major upcoming bill in the South Korean parliament.
  • RE100 provided technical criteria for the US State Department’s Clean Energy Demand Initiative that launched at COP26. At the launch event, high-level officials from Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Thailand as well as representatives from Amazon, HP, IKEA, and Nike affirmed their support of CEDI.
  • RE100 has become a byword for renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific markets, especially South Korea and Japan, where parliamentary records show RE100 mentioned on a more than weekly basis.
  • In India we launched our RE100 India policy messages which serve as a call for building a policy and regulatory environment towards 100% corporate sourcing of renewable power in India.
  • Power consumers in the Indian state of Maharashtra can now opt for 100% renewable electricity on an order issued by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC), following a petition filed by Tata Power, directly acknowledging the role of RE100.
  • RE100 mentioned by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade (METI) in its new measure to subsidise solar PPAs. The Japanese government will cover 50% of the cost of construction for power plants developed for PPAs.  


To speak to the team about policy support in your region, get in touch at info@re100.org