Infosys aims to be carbon neutral by 2018 through an ambitious combination of cutting energy use and switching to renewable energy.


Infosys is pioneering investment in renewables in India. The company has significantly reduced energy use over the last six years resulting in Infosys having one of the lowest per capita electricity consumption in the IT industry – this has also helped them reduce operational costs. The company strongly believes that responsible energy management is one of the factors that helps attract and retain clients – especially those with strong sustainability goals. 

As part of their strong commitment to improve energy use and reduce costs, Infosys has committed to sourcing 100% of their energy from renewable sources.


Infosys is currently obtaining 30% of electricity needs from renewable sources through a variety of renewable energy investments.

Their growing renewable energy share has been achieved through the purchase of green power off the grid and investment in on-site renewable technologies – solar, in particular.


Infosys has a total of 3 MW of solar photovoltaic panels installed across its campuses in India.

Infosys plans to increase its solar installed capacity to 175 MW in the next few years through a combination of onsite and offsite installations.


  • First IT company in India to have a carbon neutral goal
  • Planning a 50MW solar park in Karnataka


  • Reduced energy bills
  • Moving towards energy self-sufficiency helps manage risks associated with fluctuating energy costs and availability

Last updated: September 2015