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New partnership launched to take RE100 to Japan, as first Japanese member announced - News

25 April 2017, 0:00 UTC 2 min read

A new partnership has been launched to engage leading Japanese businesses in RE100.

The Climate Group, which manages RE100 in partnership with CDP, will work with the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (Japan-CLP), to raise awareness of RE100, as well as sister campaigns EP100 (energy productivity) and EV100 (electric mobility – coming soon) - also led by The Climate Group.

The new partnership comes days after RE100 announced its first Japanese member, Ricoh Company Ltd., which has set the goal of sourcing 100% renewable electricity worldwide by 2050.

While energy demand grows globally, businesses are increasingly aware of the need to future proof the efficiency of their operations. RE100, EP00 and EV100, also part of the We Mean Business coalition, help companies to reduce carbon emissions, enhance resilience, and boost the bottom line.

By partnering with Japan-CLP, a membership organization bringing together Asian companies committed to action on sustainability, The Climate Group aims to increase global awareness of the business benefits of renewable energy, energy productivity and electro-mobility, and inspire more leading companies to join its campaigns.

“We are excited to take our work to a new part of the world, and a country well known for technology leadership,” said Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnerships Director, The Climate Group.

“Building sustainability into business operations drives innovation and increases competitive edge. It also demonstrates the kind of leadership we need to create shifts in policies and markets that will keep global warming well below two degrees Celsius.”

Japan-CLP will act on behalf of The Climate Group in Japan, offering guidance to companies interested in joining RE100, EP100 and EV100. For further information, visit Japan-CLP’s website.