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European Parliament

Statement on the European Parliament’s renewables taxonomy ruling

8 July 2022, 12:26 UTC 1 min read

Sam Kimmins, Director of Energy, Climate Group

The decision by the European Parliament to include gas in the clean energy taxonomy is a significant back-step in the climate change fight. It’s a decision that would sit more comfortably in 1992 than 2022.

Fossil gas is a major carbon pollutant and a significant source of geopolitical risk and uncertainty. By failing to acknowledge that the age of gas is ending, MEPs are placing European businesses at a disadvantage, and perpetuating a clear environmental risk.

We strongly call on all EU members to object to the proposals and realise that fossil fuel gas has no place in a clean energy future. The decision will not prompt direct investment in clean energy as hoped but will continue to perpetuate the use of a harmful fossil fuel.

It is essential that we continue to accelerate the roll out of cheap, clean renewable electricity by removing policy barriers, shortening permit times, and listening to the clear market signal that renewables are the future.