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2023 ADR

RE100 2023 Annual Disclosure Report

6 March 2024, 15:04 UTC

Our 2023 Annual Disclosure Report highlights the sustained growth the campaign has achieved, seeing its largest ever year-on-year increase. The campaign’s members are now transitioning a combined electricity consumption larger than France’s to renewables and are now approaching Germany’s. If RE100 was a country, it would be the world’s 10th largest in terms of electricity consumption.

Key Findings

  • New companies joining RE100 have added 72 terawatt hours (TWh) to the campaign’s annual electricity demand. 

  • Of the top 10 largest electricity consuming companies that joined RE100 since the previous annual report, seven are headquartered in South Korea, with the other three being based in Japan. 

  • South Korea and Japan are the top two countries where members cite barriers to renewable electricity procurement.

  • 25 companies reported that they have brought their target years forward, since their reporting in 2022


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Date added: 27/03/24

What we’re seeing is that bigger companies are now joining RE100, many with several TWh of annual electricity consumption. The growth in Asia can’t go unnoticed by policymakers, especially in South Korea and Japan - there are big businesses clamouring to use renewables

Ollie Wilson, Head of RE100