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RE100 Governance

Find out about how we are run and governed.

Led by Climate Group, RE100 was established in partnership with CDP.

Climate Group drives climate action. Fast. Our goal is a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with greater prosperity for all. We focus on systems with the highest emissions and where our networks have the greatest opportunity to drive change. We do this by building large and influential networks and holding organisations accountable, turning their commitments into action. RE100 members disclose their progress through the international non-profit organisation CDP, which also enables knowledge-sharing and provides technical support to member companies. 

Our strategy and performance is overseen by the RE100 Project Board, comprising representatives from both Climate Group and CDP. The Board confirms the strategic direction and approach of RE100, including membership criteria, technical requirements, and regional partnerships. The Board also approves our annual business plan.

The Board is advised by two groups: the RE100 Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The former advises the RE100 initiative by providing expert insight and advice relating to current plans, proposals and external opportunities. The TAG is responsible for defining the technical criteria of RE100 membership, which is approved by the Project Board.

The RE100 Policy Working Groups sit below the Advisory Committee and feed in country specific proposals for policy wording and strategy, which is approved by the Advisory Committee and Project Board.

RE100 is made possible thanks to our funders. Thank you to our founding members Ingka Group (Ikea) and Swiss RE for their initial support and We Mean Business for their ongoing support. 

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