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Joining Year: 2020
Target Year: 2028

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Sungrow joined RE100 in 2020 and made the commitment to achieve 100% renewable electricity consumption in production and operation by 2028. To achieve this target, Sungrow are taking various effective measures to increase the proportion of green energy use at an annual rate of 10%.

  • Sungrow was selected as the first batch of national green factories. Photovoltaic systems are installed on the roofs of their factories and office buildings, the electricity can be used for company production and operation.
  • In 2021, as the first batch participator of renewable electricity procurement experiment. Sungrow purchased renewable electricity from local grid-connected generator directly, and are trying to explore the ways to use the electricity produced by utility scale renewable power plants.
  • Furthermore, Sungrow have purchased energy attribute certificate like I-REC which is a supplement to the above two pathways.

Since Sungrow joined RE100, they have used 45000MWh renewable electricity, which helped them reduce 31700 tCO2e. It’s a critical method for them to achieve the goal of company carbon neutral in 2028.

As a global enterprise, Sungrow adheres to the social responsibility concept of "Green Missions, Better Future", shows its responsibilities to stakeholders and the entire global environment and takes decisive and strong actions to tackle climate change.