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RE100 Annual Report 2022

Mythbusting renewable electricity

There's a lot of disinformation around renewable electricity and its role in our net zero future. This infographic looks at just some of the myths out there and show how they are wrong.

Ambition on renewables in the G20: Report

This report looks into the relationship between high electricity consuming countries in the G20, and the pace of progress in renewable electricity deployment, corporate procurement and investment opportunities.

Taiwan Energy Market Briefing: Net-Zero Plan and Aggregated PPAs

This report provides an updated market briefing for the Taiwanese energy market for 2022 and beyond. Corporate demand for renewables continues to grow but policy and regulatory challenges remain. RE100 members are making progress toward their decarbonisation goals and are pushing for more innovative procurement solutions, such as aggregated purchase power agreements (APPAs).

India: The role of increasing corporate renewable electricity (RE) demand & high potential RE sourcing options

We’ve launched three reports that emphasise the role of commercial & industrial (C&I) consumers in the uptake of RE in India. They delve into the necessary enabling environment to support Indian companies to achieve 100% RE and become RE100 members. 

RE100 Annual Reports

Driving renewables in a time of change

Our 2022 Annual Disclosure report shows how RE100 members have continued to deliver on their renewable electricity procurement, despite the energy crisis and persistent barriers in many developing electricity markets. As RE100 membership continues to grow, the demand from business on governments will increase, pushing for faster change to support 100% renewable commitments.

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Other publications

Meeting demand with supply: renewable energy market briefing Taiwan

This market briefing shows how the Taiwanese authorities can help to realise the full potential of Taiwan to become a clean energy centre in Asia-Pacific, ensuring that growing corporate demand for renewable electricity is met with supply.

Green Electricity Certificate (GECs) of China

This paper provides an overview of the Chinese GEC system and reviews the compliance of GECs with RE100 criteria.

Renewable Energy Market Briefing - Japan

This briefing sets out the current renewable electricity options for companies operating in Japan, including on-site generation, green contracts and energy attribute certificates. It also presents recommendations for policy makers that will accelerate market change and further increase the generation and consumption of renewable electricity in Japan.

Download the briefing in English or Japanese

Business leadership in the transition to renewable electricity

Our leadership paper provides a provides a framework for companies wanting to demonstrate leadership switching to 100% renewable electricity. It also presents a series of case studies to show the different forms that leadership can take.

Making Business Sense: How RE100 companies have an edge on their peers

This report, produced in partnership with Capgemini, explores the business case for switching to renewable electricity. 

Going Beyond: A guide to integrating renewable electricity into your supply chain

This paper provides insights for companies who are starting to implement a renewable electricity programme throughout their supply chain. It uses the experience of Apple, BT and IKEA Range & Supply to demonstrate the challenges they face and how they are addressing them.

Going 100%: How landlords hold the key to corporate renewable energy targets

This edie report, developed in partnership with RE100 and the Big Clean Switch, sheds light on the relationship between landlords and tenants in terms of renewable energy.

Download the report from edie's website.

RE-Source Reports

The latest renewable energy market reports and corporate sourcing guides from RE-Source, its founding organisations and its association partners.

View the reports here