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RE100 Leadership Awards 2020: companies going above and beyond to accelerate a clean energy future

15 September 2020, 9:29 UTC 3 min read

The first ever RE100 Leadership Awards 2020 have been launched by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP.

The inaugural Awards – to be announced during Climate Week NYC in September – will recognize the leadership of RE100 companies in accelerating the transition to 100% renewable electricity.

More than 230 of the world’s most influential companies have now joined the RE100 initiative and made the ambitious global commitment to 100% renewable power. They are all leaders – setting and moving towards a 100% goal was almost unheard of a few years ago, and still represents the leading edge of corporate action.

Nevertheless, the leadership bar is rising for global companies on their use of clean energy.

Now, we are looking to showcase companies whose ambitions and achievements go above and beyond the minimum requirements of RE100 and inspire others to do the same – driving an even faster shift to 100% renewable electricity.

As markets evolve and expectations of consumers, shareholders and employees grow, the leadership bar is rising for global companies on their use of clean energy

Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, The Climate Group.

“RE100 companies are moving beyond what may have started for some as a race to 100% renewable power. Increasingly, they are choosing to source renewables in ways that add capacity to the grid, grow demand through their supply chains, and influence policymakers to establish fair markets for renewables.”

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Award categories

There are six Award categories, with topics ranging from ambition and impact through to influence and knowledge sharing. They are:

  • Clean Energy Trailblazer
    As renewable energy costs fall and the business case strengthens, many companies are finding it possible to go further and faster on clean energy. This award recognizes the most ambitious companies that are seizing opportunities across the transition, from revising their RE100 timelines to employing smarter energy use and electric vehicles.
  • Most Impactful Pioneer
    Leading companies are opting to power their operations in ways that directly increase renewable energy capacity on local electricity grids. This award recognizes companies that are bringing clean alternatives to areas previously dependent on fossil fuels.
  • Best Community Changemaker
    As companies work to improve their sustainability, they are delivering on the growing expectations of consumers, shareholders and employees. This award recognizes members that are generating wider benefits through their renewable energy projects, such as new jobs or a reduction in local pollution.
  • Best Green Catalyst
    Leading companies are not only driving a transition to 100% renewable power through their RE100 commitments, but also along their value chains. This award recognizes the companies that are working with their suppliers to switch to renewable energy.
  • Best Policy Influencer
    RE100 members cite unfavourable policies and market structures as two of the biggest barriers to sourcing renewable electricity. Renewables are not always readily available at an affordable price, due in part to fossil fuel subsidies and red tape that prevents power purchase agreements. This award recognizes the companies seizing opportunities to help bring about supportive policy changes.
  • Most Collaborative Leader
    This award recognizes companies who, in addition to publicly disclosing their energy and emissions data, are sharing their learnings with peers to enable a faster transition to 100% renewable electricity. This sharing of successful strategies – as well as challenges – helps companies to place clean energy at the heart of their business strategy.
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Taking part

If you work for an RE100 company, it’s time for your team to get creative! To enter, members are requested to submit an inspirational 1-2 minute piece to camera, outlining the ways in which they are demonstrating leadership in your chosen Award category.

The Climate Group will promote shortlisted and winning video entries in connection with Climate Week NYC, amplifying the game-changing achievements of our members to business and government leaders around the world.

Click here for clues on the kind of content we are looking for in the video clips. Download practical guidance for videos here and watch top tips for filming here.

We also require entrants to complete a short supporting statement showing how they meet specific Award criteria. There is an entry fee of US$200.

The deadline for applications is Friday July 17. The judging panel will bring together experts from across the energy sector and will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact The Climate Group’s RE100 Engagement Officer Rosalind Grubin.