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Our work in India

10 Indian headquartered companies are RE100 members, and over 150 international members report operations in the country. Members report sourcing 18% of their electricity from renewables in India.

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India is the world’s most populous country, home to 1.4 billion people, and a rising economic force. Renewable sources accounted for 20.5% of India's electricity generation in 2022 and the country has pledged to reach net zero by 2070. RE100 members report sourcing 18% of their electricity from renewables in India, compared to the global average of 49%.

To support the government with the wider roll-out of renewables we created a set of six Localised Policy Messages for the Indian market. These messages serve as a call to action for a policy and regulatory environment focused on 100% corporate sourcing of renewable electricity in India. 

Recent policy updates

This report from September 2022 looks into the relationship between high electricity consuming countries in the G20, and the pace of progress in renewable electricity deployment, corporate procurement and investment opportunities – including how India has more than tripled its renewable electricity capacity additions in the space of a decade, yet capital costs and grid connection challenges remain a barrier to further progress on renewables.

In 2022, we launched three reports that emphasise the role of commercial & industrial consumers in the uptake of renewable electricity in India. The reports detail the enabling environment that needs to be created to support corporates with their 100% targets.

Previous policy successes 

As of 2021, power consumers in the Indian state of Maharashtra can now opt for 100% renewable electricity on an order issued by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC), following a petition filed by Tata Power, directly acknowledging the role of RE100.


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