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Our work in South Africa

South Africa is home to 60 million people and the country is one of Africa's biggest economies. South Africa has set a 2050 net zero target yet coal dominates the country's current power mix.

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80% of South Africa’s electricity comes from coal and daily life is regularly disrupted by 'loadshedding'. There's enormous potential for South Africa to switch to a cleaner and more reliable energy supply. 

RE100 welcomed Investec, our first South African member, in August 2023, and 84 international members report operations in the country.

In 2021 we established RAiSE (Renewables Ambition in South African Electricity) at COP26 alongside the National Business Initiative, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The RAiSE hub brings together South African companies with stakeholders from across the energy sector. The aim is to drive much-needed change in the nation’s energy system, unlocking corporate procurement and generation of renewable electricity. Learn more about RAiSE here.

RE100 membership 

In August 2023, Investec, a leading international bank and wealth manager, joined RE100 as our first South African member. Investec has committed to using 100% renewable electricity across its global operations by 2030

Companies in South Africa are the largest consumers of electricity and therefore play a critical role in unlocking the widespread systemic change needed to achieve a carbon-neutral future. We are searching for more new members from South Africa. Is your company interested in joining RE100? Start the process by contacting us here.

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Recent work in South Africa

RAiSE recently hosted a though leadership session on the role of business in South Africa’s emerging renewable electricity landscape. More details about this event can be found here.

This report from September 2022 by RE100 looks into the relationship between high electricity consuming countries in the G20, and the pace of progress in renewable electricity deployment, corporate procurement and investment opportunities – including how South Africa plans to increase it's installed capacity to 41% renewable by 2030.


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