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Our work in Japan

Japan is cited by RE100 members as the most challenging market in which to buy renewable electricity. Over 80 Japanese headquartered companies are RE100 members, and more than 170 international members report operations in the country.

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Japan has the world's third-largest economy, and is home to 122 million people. The country has a 2050 net zero target, yet solar and wind accounted for just 10% of the nation’s power supply in 2021. 

Japan is the number one market where RE100 members report facing barriers to procuring renewable electricity, with the most common barrier cited as high cost/limited supply. Members report sourcing only 15% of their electricity from renewables in Japan, compared to the global average of 49%.

In Japan, we work in collaboration with our local partner, JCLP

RE100 team members in Japan.
RE100 team members in Japan.

Recent policy updates

Previous policy successes

  • This report from September 2022 by RE100 looks into the relationship between high electricity consuming countries in the G20, and the pace of progress in renewable electricity deployment, corporate procurement and investment opportunities –  including how the Japanese government has not considered how to fully retire its domestic coal use.

  • In a 2021 letter, RE100 members called on policymakers to set a new ambitious energy goal, increasing Japan’s renewable energy target ahead of COP26 to 50%. Japan subsequently boosted its 2030 renewables target.

  • In early 2020, RE100 was recognised in Japan’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package. The growing demand for renewable electricity from our members was cited as a reason for allocating almost ¥5 billion (US$50 million) to help develop onsite renewables through corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

  • You can read our 2020 Japan Market Briefing in English or Japanese.


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